Modern Museum of Curiosities

In an age where there has never been so many photographs being taken, totalling 1.1 trillion worldwide in 2016, with every man and his dog carrying a mobile phone with a built in camera, one might argue that this advancement of technology is destroying the art of photography. Is it a result of a narcissistic generation enslaved by the need to place a lens between them and their day to day activities, or is it a revolution, democratising this technology, opening up the art form to whoever will take the challenge?

Instagram is a key part in this shift in behaviour; A free mobile app that has over 500 million users a month opens up a global marketplace of imagery, allowing the individual or company to enhance images and interpret situations however they please, adding a filter to reality. Instagram has certainly become a modern museum of curiosities, with the individual as the curator and exhibitor. Yet in a world of continual advancement, we must progress positively and whilst the traditional art of photography, with lengthy process’s developing and printing may well be dwindling, one might argue that photography has never been more alive.

Accessible photography was born long before the phenomenon of camera phones. In the 1920s Kodak released its small, affordable shutter camera, giving everyone access on the go. Yet, the real development has been the narrative of the image that has been perpetuated by social media such as Instagram. With such readiness and accessibility, it drives competition, raising standards and in turn pushes the art form in many unpredictable directions.

A point that can be cherished, is that whilst pixels are king, and smart phones are continually developing you will never capture a lion hunting their prey 40 metres away in clear definition without an HD camera. Nor will the shutter speed of an iphone capture the water splashing as a bird dives for their supper with such clarity.

The true art of photography will always live on, but its purpose has shifted. It has certainly been diluted, yet we must remember that Instagram filters are a nostalgic reaction to over exposed polaroid photos, and in this world, escapism through the medium of photography can be a welcome refuge. It is important to remember and distinguish the layman with a camera phone, and the photographer composing images from perspectives we could never have fathomed. As an art form, photography will never perish, it is our perception that will continually need adjusting, in order to appreciate its true value in a saturated world.

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Wondrous Serviced Office Building on Whitechapel High Street which has 14 Private Rooms Available to Rent

Units Available Now

  1. 2 person office 
  2. 3 person office
  3. 4 person office
  4. 5 person office
  5. 6 person office
  6. 8 person office
  7. 9 person office
  8. 12 person office
  9. 15 person office
  10. 25 person office
  11. 35 person office
  12. 40 person office
  13. 75 person office
  14. 100 person office

#RoofTerrace #Cafe #Gym #Showers #BikeStorage

Whitechapel High Street is in the heart of East London’s cultural scene in Tower Hamlets between Aldgate and Aldgate East tube stations, a spot perfect for lovers of art, theatre, music and fashion. Working with architects Morrow & Lorraine, light and eye-catching theme with Miami art-deco pastel colour palettes creating light shows across the white masonry walls, and lovingly-restored wood-block polished floors giving a sense of the building’s original atmosphere.

Whitechapel High Street has a suitable office space that works for you, whichever way you like to work. Offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, co-working space, study carriages for quiet work and stand-up desks for different types of focus. Plus, bike racks, showers and a stunning roof garden perfect for events, parties or just hanging out. And there’s a coffee shop, The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. Equipped with everything you need for a spot of mobile working; fast Wi-Fi, plenty of power points, and of course, outstanding coffee. Drop-in whenever you like for a warm welcome and to meet fellow co-workers.

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Obscurities of the modern diet – #work #life #balance

The temperatures are rising and the UK is threatening to show signs of summer, albeit intermingled with heavy rain and dense clouds. Whilst 12% of gym subscriptions are made in January, now is the time where panic strikes and the gym becomes crammed with those trying to rid themselves of that winter coat that should have gone by now, but has outstayed its welcome.

No doubt a ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a phenomenon that has reared its head in recent years, certainly a positive, but it seems that simplicity by way of approaching it has gone out the window, and like all trends, has been exploited. A simple diet and exercise is no longer the answer, but superfoods and substitutions are charging forwards, monopolising the snack market. Last year popcorns sector outperformed the entire market, and rose by 40%, with brand such as Walkers taking a hit of nearly 5% in relation to previous years.

It is undeniable that we are all warriors of food faddism to some degree, and even the sanest of us are willing to pay £4 for a green juice from Pret-A-Manger in a hope it will ‘detoxify’ us on a Monday morning, after a heavier-than-intended weekend. Yet it seems that in London, a microcosm of the worlds cuisine, the diet fads have moved on from the Atkins pure protein hype and taken a turn for bizarre and obscure, a juxtaposition to the burger craze that has also taken London by storm, is there perhaps a link?

Juicing certainly comes up top, with the laymen abusing their small morning orange juice and substituting a medley of juiced fruit and veg for their meals. Lo and behold they begin gaining weight due to the high sugar content, and a vicious cycle is created.

Hippeas is an example of the obscure, a brand with a unifying slogan ‘Power to the PEAple’, they are a snack with a chickpea base, allegedly good for you, with all the buzzwords: Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan, and moreover supposedly ‘Good for the Earth’ (I might highlight that broccoli is also good for the Earth, and doesn’t require an excess of energy for packaging amongst other things).

An example that enters into the bizarre is the Detox Tea fad, perpetuated by brands such as TeaTox and BooTea. These are essentially overpriced laxatives, with diuretic qualities due to the high level of caffeine which in turn causes dehydration and ensures the onset of side effects that are usually likened to a virus.

Whilst competition is key to a growing economy and healthy alternatives can only be a step in the right direction I would implore you to consider what you are buying. Trying to maintain a balanced diet? What happened to a good old banana to satisfy your afternoon slump? Whilst some foods can be healthy alternatives, the majority of these snacks are pumped with sugar and salt, and hiding behind a veil of gluten free and suitable for vegans. The myth that no one wants us to know is that the human body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself and does not require the burden of help. On occasions if you crave that unhealthy snack, just eat the mars bar, moderation is everything.

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If you are bored of conventional and would like a slice of London’s most vibrant area then this building could be for you

This self contained corner building with a substantial roof terrace will suit those companies that love true, traditional Shoreditch.
The building is arranged over lower ground and 3 upper floors with a total square footage of just under 11,000sqft. Each floor offers circa 2,600sqft of fitted out accommodation.

With exposed ceilings, wooden floors and air conditioning the building offers truly usable efficient space for the occupier.

The property is located on Shoreditch High Street off Great Eastern Street. Shoreditch High Street London Underground station (East London line) is a 3-4 minute walk to the south at the junction with Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street. Liverpool Street Mainline and London Underground and Old Street stations are also within easy walking distance.

The building offered by way of assignment with a lease expiring in June 2033 with a mutual break option in June 2028. The current passing rent is £220,000 per annum which equates to circa £20psf which is grossly under rented for todays market. Rent reviews before the break option are capped at £269,567 pa (2018) and £312,502 pa (2023) respectively.

This space has multiple usage rights which could offer the ability for a new occupier to run a café, office and various other entrepreneurial ventures.

If you are bored of conventional and would like a slice of London’s most vibrant area then this building could be for you.

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Attractive former warehouse offering exquisite small units – Old Street

26 Cowper Street is an attractive former warehouse building located a stone’s throw from Old Street Roundabout. The property has recently been remodelled and refurbished throughout to provide bright, open plan media style office space. The office has good natural daylight with windows on both elevations and Juliette balconies.

Amenities Include:

New WCs
Engineered wooden floors
Juliette balconies
Excellent natural daylight
Security shutters on ground floor
Under floor heating
Air conditioning on upper floors
The accommodation is available as a whole with an annual asking rent of £100,000. Alternatively it can be let as three separate offices over the ground and lower ground, or first and second floors. The ground and lower ground are available as a self-contained showroom/office with a private entrance, at £55,000 per annum, the First floor at £23,500 per annum and the Second Floor at £21,500 per annum (the quoted rents are exclusive of business rates and service charge). The spaces are available by way of new full repairing and insuring leases.

Second Floor 373 square feet 34.6 square metres

First Floor 408 square feet 37.9 square metres

Ground Floor 528 square feet 41.9 square metres

Lower Ground Floor 576 square feet 53.5 square metres

Total 1,888 square feet 175.4 square metres

Cowper Street runs parallel with Old Street and links Old Street Station with Tabernacle Street. The location is home to a vast variety of media and techoccupiers and there are a wide range of cafes, bars and restaurants such asCeviche, Shoreditch Grind, Honest Burgers and Bone Daddies within the immediate area. The accommodation is a short walk from the vibrant Shoreditch Triangle with its mass of creative business and retail occupiers.
The property is well connected, with Old Street station (Northern line, Overground and First Capital Connect services), Shoreditch High Street (Overground services), Hoxton (London Overground), Moorgate Station (Hammersmith and City, Circle and Metropolitan Lines), Liverpool Street Station (Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan, District, Circle lines and National Rail services) all within close proximity. Various bus routes provide access to the City, West End, North and East London.

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Small Studio with Vaulted Ceilings – Elder Street, E1 #Spitafields

This unique former Victorian warehouse building is ideal for any tech, media or creative company. Offering ‘plug and play’ accommodation with an original feel, it benefits from a large communal space on the 1st floor, perfect for use as a quiet breakout area, or for informal meetings and presentations. The space retains many original features including timber floors and is available at a fully inclusive price, which is to cover rent, business rates, service charge and utility costs as well as use of the communal space.

Other amenities include:
Comfort cooling
Passenger lift
Demised WC

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New to the market: A stunning warehouse building situated on Charlotte Road

The property is situated on Charlotte Road between Curtain Road and Great Eastern Street. Located equidistant between Old Street, Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street underground and mainline stations.

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Selection of flexible office spaces at Coppergate House

A wide range of flexible office spaces are available to rent at Coppergate House business centre located walking distance from Liverpool Street.

Coppergate House

A breakout space at Coppergate House

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  • 18 person office
  • 17 person office
  • 14 person office
  • 13 person office
  • 8 person office
  • 6 person office

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