Breaking News: Activity Trumps Stillness

The biorhythms of individuals differ, and the way we function daily is driven by a variety of factors. Yet for everyone, it goes without saying that a good diet and exercise is critical to our overall health.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is a recipe for success, with health and wealth a perfect unity. Healthy, active employees take fewer sick days and bring more energy to the workplace, however it is the struggle of integrating regular exercise into a restrictive work environment that poses the ultimate challenge. Like trying to catch a butterfly, achieving the perfect balance can be impossible, but by making the right decisions, it could just land on your shoulder.

When reflecting on your own office, what percentage of staff can you truly say has struck this harmonious chord? Who receives a heady rush of daily endorphins? Whilst it is a personal struggle it can be facilitated by the employer through various techniques; Providing shower facilities, promoting the cycle to work scheme, allowing employees to exercise throughout the day, all these practices allow the individual to take exercise into their own hands. This is a beneficial practice as employees return to work refreshed and focused, and after all, it is exercise that gives your imagination wings!

When we exercise the body releases chemicals called endorphins, which interact with the receptors in our brain, and a recant study done at the University of British Columbia found that regular aerobic exercise boosts the area of the brain involved with memory. In addition to this exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces anxiety and stress, which are all factors that contribute to cognitive impairment.

The health benefits of an active lifestyle, from every perspective, lie bare before our eyes, with positive impacts on work, and mental health. From employee to employer everyone must take up the baton in encouraging this basic human need. Movement melts stress, and its time we all got a bit more comfortable with being uncomfortable. As Baz Luhrmann aptly said, ‘The race is long, and in the end, its only with yourself’.


And enjoy your body, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

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Obscurities of the modern diet – #work #life #balance

The temperatures are rising and the UK is threatening to show signs of summer, albeit intermingled with heavy rain and dense clouds. Whilst 12% of gym subscriptions are made in January, now is the time where panic strikes and the gym becomes crammed with those trying to rid themselves of that winter coat that should have gone by now, but has outstayed its welcome.

No doubt a ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a phenomenon that has reared its head in recent years, certainly a positive, but it seems that simplicity by way of approaching it has gone out the window, and like all trends, has been exploited. A simple diet and exercise is no longer the answer, but superfoods and substitutions are charging forwards, monopolising the snack market. Last year popcorns sector outperformed the entire market, and rose by 40%, with brand such as Walkers taking a hit of nearly 5% in relation to previous years.

It is undeniable that we are all warriors of food faddism to some degree, and even the sanest of us are willing to pay £4 for a green juice from Pret-A-Manger in a hope it will ‘detoxify’ us on a Monday morning, after a heavier-than-intended weekend. Yet it seems that in London, a microcosm of the worlds cuisine, the diet fads have moved on from the Atkins pure protein hype and taken a turn for bizarre and obscure, a juxtaposition to the burger craze that has also taken London by storm, is there perhaps a link?

Juicing certainly comes up top, with the laymen abusing their small morning orange juice and substituting a medley of juiced fruit and veg for their meals. Lo and behold they begin gaining weight due to the high sugar content, and a vicious cycle is created.

Hippeas is an example of the obscure, a brand with a unifying slogan ‘Power to the PEAple’, they are a snack with a chickpea base, allegedly good for you, with all the buzzwords: Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan, and moreover supposedly ‘Good for the Earth’ (I might highlight that broccoli is also good for the Earth, and doesn’t require an excess of energy for packaging amongst other things).

An example that enters into the bizarre is the Detox Tea fad, perpetuated by brands such as TeaTox and BooTea. These are essentially overpriced laxatives, with diuretic qualities due to the high level of caffeine which in turn causes dehydration and ensures the onset of side effects that are usually likened to a virus.

Whilst competition is key to a growing economy and healthy alternatives can only be a step in the right direction I would implore you to consider what you are buying. Trying to maintain a balanced diet? What happened to a good old banana to satisfy your afternoon slump? Whilst some foods can be healthy alternatives, the majority of these snacks are pumped with sugar and salt, and hiding behind a veil of gluten free and suitable for vegans. The myth that no one wants us to know is that the human body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself and does not require the burden of help. On occasions if you crave that unhealthy snack, just eat the mars bar, moderation is everything.

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Cool Shoreditch Office to let, Green Mews

green mews 1

Located north of Silicon Roundabout, Green Mews is a highly acclaimed  gated development in the heart of the growing community of designers, creative studios and tech industries around Shoreditch and Hoxton. 

The office studios provide modern, energy efficient space amongst creative and tech occupiers, home to architects and design studios. 


  • Secure gated development
  • Engineered wooden flooring
  • Polished concrete ceiling
  • New LED lighting
  • Passenger lift
  • Secure bike storage
  • High performance double glazed façade with e-coating and solar glass.
  • Thermal efficient construction with brise soleil
  • Roof terrace (Mews Block North)

green mews 2

There is approximately 2,000 sq ft of space available in the ground floor studio and two 1,600 sq ft studios on the properties first and second floors.


  • Old Street – (Northern Line and National Services)
  • Hoxton – (London Overground)
  • Shoreditch High Street – (London Overground)
  • Angel – (Northern Line)

green mews 3

Shoreditch Office Space

These cool offices are an excellent opportunity for any creative business looking for a base in the heart of Shoreditch’s vibrant community. 

If you are looking for office space in Shoreditch and would like to speak to a member of our team please contact us using the details provided below.

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Telephone: 0203 434 3870

A fun, quirky coworking space at Central Working Shoreditch

Central working Shoreditch

A communal workspace at Central Working Shoreditch

We love Central Working Shoreditch, an East London coworking space and serviced office development. Its perfect for small teams that need a place to put their heads together, or self employed entrepreneurs that need a dynamic environment to work and meet clients. This development prides itself on providing an innovative environment that nurtures growing business talent and encourages collaboration. The coworking space has a buzzing members club vibe (think Shoreditch House with desks) and a bright Mid Century inspired interior. You can hot desk at collaborative and private work spaces, or rent a furnished serviced office. There is also a comfortable members lounge and a beautiful courtyard that Central Working Shoreditch shares with the Google Campus, which you can use for breaks or have more informal meetings with your clients. There are also East London meeting rooms for hire on an ad hoc basis and IT support.

The neighbourhood: How to find Central Working Shoreditch

Central Working Shoreditch benefits from being in the heart of Shoreditch, a district of London that has become a byword for creativity and innovation in recent years. Close to “tech city” its an ideal location for a growing technology or creative company. It also benefits from being within close reach of The City of London and Farringdon. Central Working Shoreditch is in an accessible area of London. Old Street Station (with access to the Northern line and Thameslink trains) and London Liverpool Street (with access to Greater Anglia trains and the London Overground) are both a short equidistant walk from this coworking and serviced office space development.

If you are interested in renting a coworking space or serviced office like these get in contact with us today to hear about our portfolio. Email Maya at [email protected] or call 020 3434 3870 today.


Offbeat coworking space and serviced offices at Albert House Old Street

Albert House, Old Street Shoreditch is a serviced office and coworking space, set in an unmissable former factory conversion, near Silicone Roundabout. Epitomising the creative buzz of the famed “Tech City” area, Albert House is perfect for creative entrepreneurs and startups, wanting to be right at the centre of things in one of London’s most innovative districts. Albert House, Old Street has plenty of spaces where tenants can network and develop essential contacts, including an onsite café and several break out areas. There is also a gym, kitchen and dining areas, bicycle storage, private telephone booths and shower facilities.

Albert House breakout

The offbeat business lounge at Albert House

Shoreditch serviced offices at Albert House, Old Street

Whether you’re a small creative business or a tech company, these Shoreditch serviced offices are available fully furnished. Full IT and telecommunications support can also be provided to match your needs.

Albert House Old Street Booths

The coworking space at Albert House, Old Street

Shoreditch London coworking spaces at Albert House, Old Street

Shoreditch coworking spaces are also available at Albert House. You have the choice of sitting at a shared workbench where you can collaborate with your team mates and other workers, or choose a more private desk space; to dedicate to work that requires more focus. IT and telecoms support can be provided and there is a call handling service option to your dedicated number.

The neighbourhood: around Albert House, Old Street

Albert House is situated on Old Street, close to the Old Street Roundabout, also known as Silicone Roundabout because of the high number of tech companies that have set up shop near by. This is a buzzing area, with plenty of places to grab a coffee, like The Shoreditch Grind or Floripa, or a drink after work like Nightjar and Golden Bee. This Shoreditch serviced office and coworking space is conveniently close to Old Street Station, with access to the Northern Line and Thameslink trains, making Albert House Old Street accessible to commuters and Londoners alike.

If you are interested in renting a coworking space or dedicated serviced office in Shoreditch’s Albert House, get in contact now. Email Katie at [email protected] or call 020 3434 3870 now to arrange a tour.

Serviced office space to rent at Eagle House, London Old Street

Eagle House

Eagle House, Old Street, a stunning new Shoreditch office space

Built in March 2015, Eagle House is one of east London’s newest landmarks. A modernist tower block, Eagle House is a luxury residential development, which also has a business centre with 26,000 sq ft of Shoreditch serviced office space.

Eagle House offers flexible furnished serviced office space for two people upwards, which are available on flexible terms. Occupants also benefit from the meeting rooms for hire in Shoreditch, the largest of which can accommodate up to 40 people theatre style, videoconferencing and conferencing facilities. Eagle House, Old Street, is a newly built serviced office space development, with a stylish modern interior (think neon signs on exposed brickwork, coloured doors, pendant lighting and a rich copper toned colour palette). Eagle House has separate male and female WC facilities and 24 hour access.

How to find Eagle House, Old Street

Eagle house meeting room

A beautifully decorated meeting room at Eagle House

Eagle House is located just a few hundred metres from Old Street Station, which has access to the Northern line and Thameslink trains, making these serviced offices accessible to Londoners and commuters alike. Eagle House is located near the Tech City area, aptly named because of the number of IT and internet companies that have launched there in recent years.

Snap it up

Being located near Old Street, you’re in the heart of Shoreditch, with the bars and restaurants of Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street being close by. Outdoor spaces like Shoreditch Park and the Regent’s Canal are also within a short walking distance.

Interested in renting a serviced office space at Eagle House on London’s Old Street, or another Shoreditch office space you have seen on our site? Email Maya at [email protected] or call us directly on 020 3434 3870 to arrange a viewing.

Modern Shoreditch serviced office space in the heart of Tech City

Old Street serviced offices

Shoreditch serviced office spaces on Old Street

Situated in a beautiful, newly built brick office block, these Shoreditch serviced offices on Old Street are in the heart of East London’s thriving tech city, a mecca for new tech startups and small creative businesses. These Shoreditch serviced offices are presented as small private studios which are suitable for 5-8 workers, which has access to broadband and WiFi internet and a hot desking in a large open plan work area is also available. There is a large break out lounge where members can make the most of the relaxed seating area and TV facilties, as well as a high spec kitchen. There is also a meeting room in Shoreditch for hire and the opportunity for members to host business related events like workshops and soft launches. These Shoreditch serviced offices also have WC and shower facilities. They would suit a small tech or internet company.

How to find these serviced offices on Old Street

Shoreditch office space

A serviced office studio, suitable for 5-8 occupants

These serviced office studios in Shoreditch are situated in the heart of the buzzing Tech City district and are close to the Old Street Roundabout (AKA Silicone Roundabout). The office is close to Old Street Station, with access to the Thameslink trains and the Northern line, making this Shoreditch serviced office space accessible to Londoners and commuters alike.

If you are interested in renting one of these Shoreditch serviced office spaces, contact Shoreditch Office Space to arrange a viewing and hear about other similar properties in our portfolio. Email Maya at [email protected] or call us directly on 020 3434 3870 to speak to a property consultant. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Ultra modern office space on Shoreditch’s Paul Street, to rent

office space shoreditch

47 Paul Street, ultra modernoffice space in Shoreditch

Two ultra modern office spaces in Shoreditch have become available in the office building development at 47 Paul Street. These self contained office spaces, measuring 1,930 sq ft and 1,076 sq ft respectively can be rented on a floor-by-floor basis, or together to form a larger Shoredicth office space measuring 3,006 sq ft in total. The office space is housed in an industrial style building and benefits from a superb high specification contemporary interior. Each of these office spaces in Shoreditch benefit from window frontage to the street, providing excellent natural light. They also have kitchen facilities, break out areas and male and female WCs.

About the area

47 Paul Street 2

The reception area at 47 Paul Street, Shoreditch

This office space on Shoreditch’s Paul Street benefits from being within close walking distance to Old Street Station, which has access to Thameslink trains and the Northen line, making it accessible to commuters and Londoners alike. Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations are also close by. Paul Street is close to Shoreditch’s tech city and silicone roundabout areas, making this office space perfectly located for a small-to-medium sized tech company that wishes to establish itself in the hub of East London’s tech district.

Are you interested in renting this Shoreditch office space on Paul Street? Get in contact with us today to view this office space, or hear about similar office spaces in Shoreditch we currently have in our portfolio. Email Katie at [email protected] or call us on 020 3434 3870 to have a no strings chat to a property adviser about your requirements. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Ultra modern Islington office space in the Angel Gate development, EC1

A rare chance to rent an HQ style self contained office building in Islington, London, which is close to the Angel area and within walking distance from the Old Street roundabout and London’s Tech City. Measuring 3,177 sq ft and situated over three floors, it can be rented on a floor-by-floor basis or as a fitting head office in EC1 for a medium sized company that’s going places.

Islington office space

A trendy Islington office space in a self contained building

The office is in Angel Gate, a modern East London office space and studio development, is situated in a modern gated courtyard with onsite security as well as bike storage and an onsite car park.

This Islington office space is currently undergoing a total refurbishment so will have an ultra-modern and pristine look when you move in. This Islington office space has a generous floor to ceiling height and good access to natural daylight. Other contemporary features include: an exposed concrete ceiling, modern suspended lighting and a new fully accessible raised metal floor. WC and shower facilities are also available.

How to reach this Islington office space in EC1

Angel Gate Islington 2

A refurbished, self contained East London office space

These East London offices on Hall Street, just off City Road give you the best that EC1 has to offer. This Islington office space is just seven minute’s walking distance from Angel Underground Station (with access to the Northern line) and not far from the boutiques and cafes of Camden Passage or the Angel Central shopping centre on Islington’s Upper Street. This Islington office space at Angel Gate is also only a mile away from the Old Street Station which has access to the Northern Line and First Capital Connect, making this East London office building accessible to much of the South East. Nearby is the Tech City area of Shoreditch, known for the innovative tech and creative companies that have sprung up in recent years, meaning that if you rent this Islington office space, you’ll be part of a thriving scene.

If you are interested in renting this office in EC1 London, or a similar East London office space in Islington, Shoreditch or elsewhere, contact us today to speak to a property adviser. Call 020 3434 3870 or email [email protected] to hear about our range of offices in Shoreditch, Islington and the East London area.

A creative East London office space in the heart of Shoreditch

Close to Shoreditch’s Tech City and Silicone Roundabout, this East London office space on Charlotte Road would be perfect for a small, innovative company that wants to be at the centre of London’s creative hub.

Charlotte Road East London Office Space

East London office space in a former warehouse building

This is a ground floor East London office space with sole access to an attractive roof terrace with seating and plants. This Shoreditch office space is set in an attractive terraced period building and original features include: high ceilings, hardwood floors and large windows at the front and rear of the office, providing natural daylight access. Measuring 600 sq ft, this is a small, self contained, open plan East London office space, which can easily be updated to create a warm, welcoming environment, as the current occupiers have done. Facilities of this East London office space include: gas central heating, toilets and a kitchenette come breakout space area.

Charlotte Road 2

A creative Shoreditch office space on Charlotte Road

How to reach this Shoreditch office space

This is an accessible East London office space being a seven minutes walking distance from Old Street Station (with access to First Capital Connect and The Northern Line) and Shoreditch High Street London Overground Station is eight minutes away on foot. The area is also served by multiple bus routes.

Roof terrace

You will have sole access to this roof terrace

As well as being highly accessible, this East London office space also offers the opportunity to be a part of Shoreditch’s exciting creative and techie hub. As well as being a short walk away from the Old Street Roundabout (AKA Silicone Roundabout) and Tech City areas, these Shoreditch offices are also in the midst of the East London arts scene with Rivington Place arts centre and library, The University of the Arts, London and plenty of small creative businesses being nearby. For after work dinner or drinks drinks you are also close to Shoreditch High Street, which is known for its unique trendy restaurants and bars like Andina London, Forge & Co, and The Shoreditch.

If you are interested in renting East London office space on Shoreditch’s Charlotte Road, get in contact now. Email Maya at [email protected] or call us on 020 3434 3870. We have a wide range of small Shoreditch office spaces and can help you to find a suitable premises.